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Lisa CurreriWhy am I smiling? Because I live in the US Virgin Islands in a lovely home on a ridge overlooking the bustling harbor of St. Thomas and the tranquil ribbon of islands that dot our blue waters. Life takes on a different pace here. Sure, we have to earn a living, but we also live! We sail and swim, do “good works” and take time to breathe the fresh, sea air perfumed with the scent of jasmine and frangipani. My children were born here, and my husband practiced medicine on the island for over 30 years. It’s a good life and made better by the rich, cultural diversity of the population. I also own a home in Maine, a delightful balance to the slightly off-center days spent under the Caribbean sun. You should consider a trip to our islands. Maybe a vacation will turn into a permanent “attitude adjustment.” Fling your cares to the winds. Revel in our American paradise. Pick up the rhythm of the tropics. It will have you dancing to a decidedly different drummer. Remember, “you only live once”

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Born and raised in Maine, it was the 4th day of a winter blizzard while I was shoveling snow, my favorite reggae music in my headphones, when I heard the sun and the sea calling. For my entire youthful life I worked and studied in the hospitality industry and I was certain I could find my place in the islands. Being a US Territory, the Virgin Islands were a natural choice. Since my relocation in early 2010, I have immersed myself in property management, short-term vacation rentals, and earned a firm grounding into what it means to have a home in the islands. “Quit your job, buy a ticket, get a tan, fall in love, never return”. I saw this quote sometime after I had met and married my soul mate, a born and bred Virgin Islander and son of the Principal Broker, and it hit home. Like so many who dream of a life in the tropics, my experience taught me you can do whatever you set your mind to. I am anxious to carry on the legacy that the Curreri name holds in local real estate and here to help you make your island dream a reality too.

Claire Mancivalano • E-mail Claire

Claire MancivalanoSt. Thomas has been my personal home for thirty years and through good seasons, slow seasons and even Hurricane (!) seasons I can still attest to the fact that life is a pleasure & a joy. The amazing diversity of people, culturally, economically & philosophically, that comprise our community gives it an enticingly rich and tantalizing flavor. Like a fabulous meal, the seasonings enrich the experience.

Having the mindset, it is understandably a real pleasure for me to introduce others to the various aspects of island living and to share their fun in finding the perfect home and/or business that meets their needs. I have, for the last twenty five years, helped numerous people join our community in both personal and professional capacities and would welcome the opportunity to assist you also. It is my strong belief that finding the right home is pivotal for personal happiness & contentment because it is our “nest”, our place to rejuvenate, to regroup, to nurture and care for one another.

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Mucki Wesley

In an effort to streamline the first four decades of my life, suffice to say that I was born in Germany, traveled extensively in Europe and the US, ending up in northern California. After discovering that the air is truly sweeter with the sound of steel pan music, I moved to St. Thomas where I am raising my family. With the American flag still waving over my head, I see nothing but opportunity in purchasing real estate in the US Virgin Islands. Where else is there year-round sunshine, boating, diving, deep-sea fishing, not to mention golf and tennis. Looking on the more practical side, St. Thomas offers excellent educational facilities through 12th grade, followed by the University of the Virgin Islands. It is a wonderful environment in which to raise children. Please feel free to call me with all your real estate questions. If you are German, Austrian or Swiss.. dann Koennen wir deutsch sprechen. Ich habe schon einigen Deutschen mit Immobilien hier geholfen.

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Rosie Nichols

My husband David and I arrived on beautiful St. Thomas, complete with kids, cars and pets, in March of 1995. After relocating to an island at close to 40, starting two businesses, finding a home, a school, a favorite grocery store, doctors office and vet, I believe I have a great deal to share regarding this process. We looked at close to one hundred houses, making offers on two that did not come to fruition, so decided to purchase waterfront land and build our own home. This was a VERY exciting and challenging process and we learned a great deal. I began my career in Real Estate in 1997 and believe I have found my niche. I am always happy to share my experiences and answer questions pertaining to any or all of the above. Our decision to move to St. Thomas has been a very positive one for our family and has broadened all of our lives tremendously. It would be my pleasure to share that experience with you.